Hosted by Tiina Pärtel

Podcast that shares stories of internationals living in Estonia!

Here to inspire more open-mindedness, bring people together, and turn “anonymous foreigner” stereotypes into real-life humans. Foreigners are sharing their experiences, useful tips, recommendations, and hilarious thoughts about Estonians and life in Estonia.

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The Story Behind Found in Estonia podcast

It started in Spring 2020 when Tiina Pärtel and Kaisa Holsting decided that they were going to create a podcast! Both have lived abroad and enjoy talking with new people. These two ladies decided they will give their effort into creating a more culturally open Estonia.

Latest Episode

#69 Nicholas Amorim: From Brazil to Estonia

A love letter to Estonia that Estonians don’t watch 

Recent Episodes

Jorge from Guatemala to Estonia
#68 Jorge Herrera from Guatemala:

border crossing for Guatemalans, and why are Estonians not inviting people over for dinner?

Lea Kreinin from Estonia:

Hungarian kisses, warm people, and a system of politeness

Found in Estonia podcast with Orsolya from Hungary
Orsolya Sild from Hungary to Estonia:

Teaching Estonian language as a foreigner

Manan from Pakistan to Estonia:

Moving from collective culture to individual culture.

Henri Ormus - Estonian about living abroad

When I started working in Finland, it was really a culture shock.

What Listeners Say

“Episodes are very engaging! Very well done!”
“I'm a big fan of the podcast, I've been listening to all: from marketing to personal grow!”
“Hi! I'm happy that you started something like that. I've been listening all your podcast on Spotify. Carry on, it's a really good initiative.”
“Hi there! I just wanted to say that I was so excited to find you guys! I found your website randomly when searching for Estonian resources online. I really appreciate the podcast you guys have. Awesome job! I can't wait for the next episode!”
“Really enjoying your podcast! Actually you've inspired me to start my own podcast!”
“Thank you for your podcast. It's really interesting listening to the stories foreigners and locals alike have to share. In fact, it was my no.1 podcast on Spotify! I have even listened to some episodes twice! Especially the ones in Estonian. Keep up the good work!”

Meet Your Host

Tiina is an Estonian world-traveler. She loves discovering new places and meeting new people. It helps, that she speaks five languages, has lived in 5 different countries. She enjoys inspiring people and asking questions that guests don’t see coming.
And yes she really has two “i”-s in her name! 

Tiina Pärtel