Estonian gift guide

Estonian Gift Guide

Shop local Gift Guide 2021

Snow has fallen, winter tires are mandatory again in Estonia, “päkapikk” is starting his daily visits really soon and Christmas is approaching.

Are still looking for gifts for your friends and family?

Estonia might be small, but entrepreneurship is very popular here. That makes shopping local easy and at the same time, how to choose from all these wonderful options? Here’s Found in Estonia podcast’s picks for the current Christmas season!

I’ve put together a list of local Estonian companies, creating goods that have the power to make the most charming Christmas present. Btw. some friends among the podcast guest are also mentioned 😉   

1. Have you tried local wine yet?

A charming winery Ulge talu from the South of Estonia. You can’t really spot many wineries in Estonia, but what we have are pumpkins, birch trees, chokeberries, etc. Considering we already eat blood sausage during Christmas, what about a sweet glass of pumpkin wine next to it? 

2. Looking for something small with a fishy wow-effect?

Kivikala people, in Hiiumaa, love fish, and love chocolate, so they decided to put it together. Makes a great gift to a friend, you want to take by surprise!
My personal favorite is the caramel milk chocolate with roasted peanuts, mixed with dried pike fish.
Try it out and let us know how you liked it! 

3. What to do during Christmas eve in Estonia?

Here’s a fun activity and gift idea. Gift your friends the Epic Estonia card game. Put your concentration to the test, while learning new things about Estonia. Be fast and spot which two images are the same on the cards, put your card on top of others until you run out of them. Play it with 2-4 people. Learning the rules is easy, and the fun can last hours.

4. How to smell freshly as Estonian nature?

HURM perfumes from Estonian nature
applying HURM perfumes

If one of your favorite things in Estonia is nature then consider gifting something local, organic, and charming. HURM perfume brings a hint of nature to city life. It smells variously on every human being and highlights their uniqueness and charisma.

5. Estonian made jewelry for your girlfriend?

Chances are if your girlfriend is not strickly into minimalism, she will enjoy a new shiny pair of jewelry. These fierce earrings from QVIIN carry the motto “Choose who you want to be today for yourself, with jewelry that reminds you of your choice – to not be ordinary anymore.” 

Listen to the back story from our Lithuanian guest Viktorija on episode #20.

QVIIN earrings getting the attention

6. Want to gift your mother-in-law an evening without cooking?

food from Köömen catering
“Kurdi pidulaud!” set from Köömen catering

Do you feel Estonian food is too bland for your taste? How about ordering this Christmas or New Year some Estonian-made Middle eastern food to make it special? It can work as an effective icebreaker for the evening as well : )

Our lovely Jameela from Palestine, who was a guest on episode #16 could be the one cooking your food for Christmas, find out more on Köömen catering website.

7. Looking for something to boost your health?

After all that food and drinks who can blame.

Mathilde is a creative soul from France. If she’s not touring the world, she is busy helping people to become more flexible during her yoga lessons. Check out her online Yoga lessons. She says there is no experience required to join any of the classes. Yoga will meet you where you are. Classes are held in English, on an Estonian schedule. 

Listen to Mathilde’s story on Found in Estonia podcast on episode #11.

8. Gift of dance?

Italian spirit Marino shared his passions during our chat in Found in Estonia episode #15. It involved IT and dancing! Both that he happily shares with all the locals in Tartu, who are curious about Latin dances. He is doing it through his dance school Latin Passion

Now it’s your turn to have a taste of whether it can be your passion as well. Give someone a dance lesson as a gift or head there together with your friends. You might even be surprised by your Estonian friend’s ability to let loose on the dance floor!

9. What do give someone with a travel bug?

You might have experienced how organized Estonians can be, what about memorizing them? Here’s a gift for your most curious and adventurous friend, who is constantly talking about all the trips she plans to make. 

Bold Tuesday is an Estonian company, spreading its passion for traveling across the world.

Bold Tuesday travel map

Bold Tuesday makes your travel memories visual

Wishing you a happy shopping time and a wonderful snow rich Christmas time!

Write in the comments what were your favorite new discoveries!

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