Learn about Estonia with this game

Have fun while expanding your knowledge about Estonia!

Find matching images and be fast to win. Each image represents something about Estonia. Each card has something in common with another card. Just be faster than your opponent, and the game is yours!

Epic Estonia game
Epic Estonia game makes learning about Estonia fun

By playing this game you will…

Next time you’ll know what your Estonian colleagues are talking about!

Internationals interested in learning about Estonia in a fun way

Estonians looking for ways to connect with their expat colleagues

Groups, looking for an ice breaker before a brainstorming session

Expats who just moved to Estonia and are eager to expand their knowledge about Estonia

People who love speedy reaction card games

Friends who love boardgames

Who should play Epic Estonia card game?

"Estonians are like coconuts – you have to crack their hard shells before you reach to the soft insides and friendships?"

We created Epic Estonia card game to help you crack Estonians shells and have fun in the process!

Want to know what your Estonian colleagues are talking about?

★ Love speedy reaction card games?
★ Looking for a fun gift for your foreign friend?
★ Want to learn more about Estonia and make it fun?

“A wonderful thank you gift for international volunteer in our kindergarten!” – Happy Customer

Epic Estonia cardgame with Estonian symbols.
Epic Estonia cardgame with Estonian symbols.
Epic Estonia cardgame with Estonian symbols.
Epic Estonia cardgame with Estonian symbols.

What Are Others Saying About Epic Estonia card game?

“Wow, it’s so easy!? This will be a fun Christmas gift for my colleagues from Brazil. It looks great and is easy to start playing.”


“I really like how simple it is and that I can play it with my kids and with my husband, who doesn’t speak Estonian. I believe it’s a great game for expats, who look for ways to connect with Estonians and are looking for a game without language barrier.”


“Such a great gift to take with me, when traveling! Lifts up the mood every time.”


Questions worth asking

How many players do you need?

At least two. If you have more people, just divide the cards among all the players.

Do I have to speak Estonian to play?

No, You do not need to speak or understand Estonian for playing Epic Estonia card game. To put a card down, you need to express the image you see matches on your card and the card on the table. You will find names for the cards on two explanation cards.

Can I pay with an invoice?

Yes you can! Write to tiina@foundinestonia.ee with the quantity and your company name, and let's get the ball rolling!

Are the rules written on the box?

Yes, yes, yes! 🙂

Is it for me if I don’t like fast-paced reaction games?

In this case, you might unfortunately, play some other games.

Do I need to socialize, when playing this game?

It's not an absolute must, but it does make the game more fun. And you can use it as a great ice-breaker when playing with friends. Just ask them what different symbols mean on the cards and you will quickly find yourself if a passionate conversation!

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